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The Worst Hailstorm EverWerner Electric SolarWorld Solar Panels

SolarWorld understands that actions speak louder than words.

So they put together a video to demonstrate just what they mean when they say that SolarWorld quality leads the industry.

When you see the video, you'll understand exactly why SolarWorld claims one of the lowest panel defect rates in the industry.


GridZero TechnologyWerner Electric OutBack Solar

Want to go solar, but aren't sure where solar is going? What if the utility changes the rules? What if incentives go away? What if you need to start small?

OutBack Power has the solution for future-perfect solar energy: GridZero technology lets you actually use your renewable energy instead of selling it back to the grid. As solar charges your battery, the battery blends in with the utility power, reducing the need to buy electricity.

Get off-grid independence and grid-tied economics! The best of both worlds.

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