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Werner Electric is transforming what a distributor can do by offering the technical and support services you need and want.

Additional Assistance

At Werner, we’re dedicated to supporting our customers and ensuring each project is successful.

Service Offerings

Project Coordination

At Werner, we have industry experts who help you manage your projects to ensure they meet your budget and timeline requirements.

Bin Stocking

Our specialists visit your facility to identify what products and commodities you need, then make sure to keep it all stocked.

Automation services & support

We’ve got you covered on- and off-site. Werner Electric offers additional services and assistance, including the Technical Support Center, for automation customers.

Inventory Management

Many different factors go into inventory supply. We’re here to simplify that for you so that you stay on top of everything you need stocked, and everything you don’t.

Custom Commodity services

We employ experts who understand your business and know how to speak your language. You explain what you need, and we figure out how to make it happen.

Modified Solutions

We provide flexible options, because we understand that nothing is truly one-size-fits-all. We identify your needs and deliver customized solutions to match them.

Still need help? Get into contact with a Werner representative.