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Lower your energy costs by reducing your demand charge with energy storage. Save money every day by harvesting energy from your solar PV system or the grid during off-peak hours.


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The need for commercial solar power is growing at an unprecedented rate. And the demand for reliable, next-generation storage is increasing exponentially. Determining the right Solar + Storage system, along with managing the design and implementation, can be a complex process.
That’s why it’s critical to align your projects with experts who have invested an unequalled amount of time and resources to becoming a proven industry leader.

Werner Electric provides exactly what you need to efficiently and effectively help your customers benefit from the savings and sustainability Solar + Storage offers.

Expertise Born from Experience

Adding storage capabilities to a solar installation enables users to more intelligently deploy energy and make the most of their energy system. Recent advancements in storage technology make solar + storage far more practical in many more locations.

But, because combining solar and storage is a new approach, not everyone will offer you the right kind of experience. The Werner Electric team of NABCEP-certified Energy Specialists has a long history of partnering with the best solar and storage industry experts. That experience gives us the ability to think innovatively, provide tailored technical and installation expertise, and facilitate training.


From Preparation to Power… and Beyond

Werner is able to help you accurately analyze your project. Then, our specialists work with you to determine exactly which custom solution works best for your needs. For example, determining the optimal sizing is critical to ensuring the right ROI for your system. Our specialists employ the most up-to-date modeling and simulation software to determine the specific size and operating protocols to maximize the project returns. And even when the system is up and running, we’re there to make sure it stays that way.

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Demand Charge Management

Demand charges can comprise much of a customer’s energy bill. Systems can intelligently charge and discharge to reduce peak loads.

Solar + Storage

Energy storage can intelligently dispatch solar production from times of overproduction to times of underproduction for optimal economic returns.


Time-of-use pricing schemes are becoming more common. Energy Storage systems will charge during times of low-cost energy pricing, and discharge during high-cost times.

Frequency Regulation

Systems can provide frequency regulation in wholesale markets. The systems can be configured in a variety of power/energy ratios for optimal sizing.

Backup Power

Residential backup systems can provide home backup power by integrating directly into the home’s electrical panel.


Energy storage can be integrated with your lighting controls, automation control system, building management systems, or your industrial control system – all in an effort to provide more reliable operations and save energy costs.


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