/ Smart Machine Solutions

Werner Electric has the right people and the right products to deliver complete and innovative solutions to meet your needs.

/ Smart Machine Solutions

Werner Electric has the right people and the right products to deliver complete and innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Supplying the Demand

The markets changing demands require you to deliver smart machines and equipment that can easily integrate into manufacturing operations and provide access to real-time information. Through our comprehensive product offering and the expertise of our automation specialists, we can help you align to your customer needs and understand their requirements.

Position yourself and your customers for success




We understand machine builder challenges and deliver high-performance motion control systems to help meet your goals. Our specialist help you design, develop, and deliver machine solutions by selecting optimal parts that are sustainable, cost effective building blocks. This will allow you to meet your objective and your customers’ needs by delivering innovative and sustainable solutions.


From the original programmable logic controller (PLC) to the scalable, multi-disciplined, and information-enabled programmable automation controller (PAC), we can help you find the right controller to fit your needs.




Visualization and HMI solutions help you interact with your machines. We can help provide a consistent interface across all operations.


We can help make your job easier and more productive. Whether you are designing your control and operations systems or reporting from the data in your manufacturing production, we provide software solutions to simplify and improve your results. We offer software that can easily integrate into the automation and control system to deliver a seamless process from deployment to reporting.




Smart sensors help you bring together scattered data into streams of usable information that enables you to monitor assets and optimize them remotely. Smart sensors are the building blocks of integrated control and information, providing the raw data for The Connection Enterprise.


Robotic arms, controllers, and software provide your smart machines with speed, performance, and safety precautions they need. Our robotic solutions include a wide range of industrial and collaborative robots to meet your system design needs.




Mechatronics is collaborative venture between mechanical, electrical, and control design engineers to optimize machine design. Werner Electric can help customers integrate Mechatronics software tools, electromechanical motion control products and our technical expertise.


Machine vision plays an important role manufacturing. It can help with quality control, reducing costs, and leading to a higher level of customer satisfaction. Our specialists can work with you to find the best vision solution for your operations including the optimum lighting and optics required.




Our Smart Pneumatics solutions integrate seamlessly into customers digital communication environment thanks to their on board intelligence. Our pneumatic smart, reliable solutions focus on being flexible and provide useful generated information to customers helping optimize machine performance and reduce commissioning time.

How Can We Help?

Werner Electric and our partners offer the expertise and experience to help support your automation investment.