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Werner Electric knows Process Control. Our specialists are experts in process management products including control systems, valves, instruments, and software.

Werner Can Assist You

To succeed in today’s competitive market, we understand that you must deliver the right solution on time, every time, while maximizing uptime and reducing production costs. Werner Electric has partnered with Rockwell Automation and their Encompass Partners to provide complete process control solutions. We have provided custom systems for process applications for decades and are now expanding that expertise to instrumentation and final element control to provide a complete solution for your process control applications.  Our specialists can help seamlessly integrate Smart Components within your system to help you meet customer demands and stay ahead of the competition. 

Distributed Control System

PlantPAx™ is the Allen-Bradley modern Distributed Control System (DCS) that utilizes the latest technology to control and optimize your process operations. PlantPAx is scalable and can be applied to both small and large operations.

Batch Control & Management

Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk Batch is a scalable solution that leads to more productive operations and can lower the total cost of ownership by reducing your engineering and maintenance expenses, especially when compared to batch systems used in traditional DCS systems. Integration of the batch management system creates a more responsive and reliable system.

Process Optimization

With Model Predictive Control (MPC), we can help make your process as efficient as possible by minimizing input and yielding the maximum output. Model Predictive Control can also help you with predictive maintenance. Using this model will help you replace and repair at just the right time, not too early and not too late.

Final Control Elements

These are the elements that are activated to control your process as efficiently as possible. Final control elements include control valves, actuators, positioners, as well as other devices that can affect process change.


To ensure your process operations are reliable and accurate, Werner Electric can provide the instrumentation devices that provide the measurements that you need. Get the most out of your applications by maximizing performance and profitability, while ensuring the safety of your processes and employees.

Hazardous Locations

Werner’s wide range of solutions for process automation include those for hazardous locations. Werner offers Explosion Proof devices as well as intrinsic safety barriers as solutions for equipment located in hazardous locations. We can craft custom solutions with ridged products for a diverse range of applications.

How Can We Help?

Werner Electric and our partners offer the expertise and experience to help you size and select the appropriate solutions for your most difficult applications.